How to Improve Your Odds of Scoring Great Beauty Product Samples

Makeup product samples are a great way of trying out new products. They are also useful for last minute touch-ups and for traveling. We all know someone who has box loads of samples of the most popular foundations, moisturizers, mascaras, and perfumes, but if you’re like so many of us you rarely get free samples regardless of the amount of money you invest in your makeup. Here are some tips not only for getting your hands on some freebies, but also on how to get the ones that you want and will use.

Product samples are offered by manufacturers to introduce people to their products, so there is no shame in asking for them at the beauty counter. Salespeople know that we are all unique people with different hair, skin, and coloring needs. Some products work better than others for meeting our needs, so giving potential customers the ability to sample their products is a great means for manufacturers to drive sales of their products.

The key is to be polite when requesting samples, and to ask the salesperson for her advice. They are professionals who are trained to identify products that match up to your needs. They may know that a particular shade of blush would not go well with your skin tone, and may suggest giving you an alternative to sample instead.

Salespeople can be stingy with samples, particularly when they know that they have a limited supply of them to give out. If you give the appearance that you may be someone just looking for a handout, and not a potential customer, they’ll be less likely to give you the sample that you’re looking for. Try approaching them as a customer who has heard about a product, but wants to try it out before making a purchase to make sure it works for you.

Developing a relationship with the salesperson at your favorite beauty supply store is a great way to score more samples. If you frequent the same store often, you’re likely to see the same salesperson. Make a habit of using her name when you interact with her, and intermix some small talk as you talk to her about products. She’ll be much more likely to let you dip into her sample stash if she recognizes you when you come in.

Shop at a time when it’s likely to be less busy, usually in the early morning or evening. Your salesperson is likely to be less stressed and more amicable at these times.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. There’s really no benefit to taking home a sample of Eau de Skank if you’ll never use it.

Keep a watch for any new product launches. When manufacturers launch a new product, they often provide many samples of the product to retail outlets. Shopping at the start of a new launch will make it very likely for you to get a product sample.

You may not be aware that many stores like Sephora and Clinique will create a sample for you on the spot when they don’t have pre-packaged samples available. They’ll often do this for just about anything from foundations to serums to shampoos. There’s no harm in asking, and if you carry along your own mini-container they’ll have no excuse to tell you no.

If your salesperson appears reluctant, tell her that the reason that you need the sample that you’ve requested is because you have sensitive skin and need to try it out before purchasing it.

Ask for additional samples of a product if necessary to ensure that you have a week’s supply of it. That is usually the minimum that you’ll need to be able to determine if the product works for you.

Many beauty counters offer customers free makeovers. It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment to make sure they’ll have the availability to give you one. They will try to get you to purchase some makeup, but there is no need to feel pressured. Tell them that you want to get your significant other’s opinion before buying, and have them write down a list of the products used.

Finally, be careful not to give the salesperson that impression that you might not be a genuine customer. For example, don’t ask for extra samples for a friend. Also avoid going from one counter to the next. You are likely to get noticed and the salespeople will be much less accommodating. If you need more samples of a product, the best approach is to be honest with the salesperson about why you do.

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