Get Smoother Skin With These 3 Amazing Freebies

Formulating a great skincare regimen to help achieve perfection can be difficult. There can be so many products on the market that it could send you in a frenzy while trying to find out what works best for you. Once you find your perfect skincare product, it could be extremely expensive! So, what is a girl to do?

Have no fear, all of you freebie skincare hunters! I am also someone who is always looking for great skincare products while on a budget. I have recently found a wonderful, lifesaving routine for skincare that I will love to share with all of you. I will even throw in some handy freebies that you can find currently that will help you to get started.

Does this sound good? All that you have to do is follow along with these three steps and you will be on your way to free skincare goodness with 3 amazing freebies that are guaranteed to help you achieve smoother skin. Enjoy!

Step 1 – Cleansing The Skin

The first and most important step. Cleansers will remove any dirt or makeup from your skin without causing harm. It will give you a smooth, clean surface.

When To Apply

Twice each day, morning and evening.

How To Apply

Apply the cleanser using a cotton pad, wiping gently onto your face. Rinse using warm water and then pat dry with a soft cloth.

What Is Recommended?

If you want a cleanser that gets right in and dissolves instantly, a sample of Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm will do the trick!

Step 2 – Tone And Refine Pores

Toners are wonderful and they will leave your skin fresh while protecting it from any harsh chemicals.

When To Apply

One time per day after cleansing.

How To Apply

Take a few drops on a cotton pad and then gently wipe your skin upwards. Be sure that you target trouble spots like the nose, forehead and chin, which tend to have clogged pores.

What Is Recommended?

VitaminC24 is a great option for all skin types, giving your skin a much needed extra boost.

Step 3 – Hydrate and Moisturize

Like a lot of you know, there is no skincare regime that is complete without having a decent moisturizer. This is a final step that is essential to keeping your skin fresh and hydrated so that it remains healthy and nourished.

When To Apply

I happen to have sensitive skin, so I only use it once per day. However, if you suffer from dry skin, you can try using it twice per day.

How To Apply

Simply apply a small amount to the neck and face, using a circular motion. Let the cream absorb completely into your skin.

What Is Recommended?

A nice all-rounder is Aveeno Moisturizer Cream. It helps to soothe your face and you can also use it all over your body, especially where there are sensitive areas like around the feet, elbows and eyes.

This is a perfect, freebie skincare routine that anyone can use. If you have other skin care tips that you may want to share, I would love to hear from you!

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